Krasnodar, 28 February – Yug Times. Sochi's bus fleet has reportedly been replenished with new medium and large class gas-powered vehicles. 

The city received 71 new methane-powered buses. Of these, 21 were medium class vehicles. Thereby, the eco-transport will be used on rugged terrain roads in rural areas. According Sochi Mayor Aleksei Kopaigorodsky, the new buses started plying in Sochi last Monday. 

“All cars are equipped with a video surveillance system, and a driver’s health monitoring system. For the passengers' convenience, validators for conductorless fare payment were installed in the buses. The satellite navigation and communication equipment helps drivers and dispatchers in their work,” Sochi Mayor’s Office’s press service reported. 

In addition, the buses were equipped with a climate system and chargers for mobile devices. In-vehicle boards are used to show the names of the stop points.

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