Krasnodar, 31 January – Yug Times. The director of the commercial company contracted to supply medical facilities to a Krasnodar hospital will reportedly be brought to justice. 

“According to the investigation, in 2022, the alleged offender signed a contract for the supply of medical equipment designed for dosed administration of drugs to patients, to the Krasnodar hospital but what he in fact supplied was an alternative equipment failing to meet the technical specifications stated in the contract,” the Krasnodar regional police press service stated. 

“Having saved more than 1.7 million roubles, the offender disposed of the money at his own discretion.” 

The regional Prosecutor's Office made it clear that what was at issue was a state contract for the supply of medical equipment to the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2. The supplied device was much cheaper than the original equipment. 

As an interim measure to compensate for the damage caused, the court, at the investigator’s request, seized the property of the offender and his company.

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