16 Июня 2021

Criminal Case for Abuse of Power

Krasnodar, 16 June. The top manager of the Governmental Agency “Stroizakazchik” is being suspected of abuse of power. The criminal case was initiated by the Department of Major Investigations of the Adyghean branch of the Russian Investigation Committee based on materials obtained from the regional administration of the Federal Security Service. 

According to investigation, while holding a senior role in the public institution engaged in construction activity and meaning to show that his agency had achieved the required targets and to spend the budgetary money allocated to the agency, the suspected person failed to address the Forestry Department of the Republic of Adyghea with the declaration on establishment of easement over the state-owned lands of the federal forest fund and commenced the construction of a water intake facility and water main for the city of Maikop and Maikop rayon in the framework of governmental programs. 

During the office and home searches, the investigators seized electronic documents being of importance for the criminal case.

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