Krasnodar, 25 December – Yug Times. A special emergency response centre will reportedly open in Sochi on 28 December.

According to preliminary data, the Olympic capital will receive about 350,000 holidaymakers during the upcoming holiday season, and hotel occupancies will reach 100%. The emergency response centre will be controlling the work of the resorts and their services responsible for the infrastructure.

On the eve of the holiday season, the deputy governor Vasili Shvets chaired the first working meeting in Sochi.

“Altogether, over 2,000 tourist destinations, spas and hotels are prepared to receive their guests in Krasnodar province,” he said.

resorts have hired the necessary number of rescue workers, medical and avalanche watching staff. The snow-clearing vehicles are also on guard.

In his speech, Mr. Shvets also dwelt upon the problem of traffic jams arising due to the incorrectly parked cars, including unauthorised taxis.

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