Krasnodar, 12 December – Yug Times. A project of launching direct air flights between Sochi and Amman has reportedly been discussed at Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism in Amman.

It was announced that the opening of a direct airline between Amman and Sochi may become a growth point in the cooperation between the two countries. The Russian delegation expressed its preparedness to invest in the development of the project by granting special hotel prices in Sochi and discounts for airport servicing at Sochi Airport, and assisting in holding a marketing campaign.

Currently, about 500,000 Jordan tourists (out of 10 million residents of the country) spend their holidays in Turkey. Only 5,000 Jordan residents visited Russian this year, of which only 2,000 were tourists. According to Dmitri Anfinogenov, executive of Sochi’s tourist complex, much effort must be made to reach agreement on all nuances and launch direct flights, but the work has already begun.

The parties agreed on a return visit of Jordan tourist business representatives to Sochi.

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