Krasnodar, 20 June – Yug Times. In 2024, more than 100 schools and kindergartens will be overhauled in the regional capital. 

Krasnodar has allocated almost 700 million roubles for the renovation of children's educational establishments. Of these, nearly 309 million roubles were allocated for the overhaul of schools and 386 million roubles for kindergartens. Large-scale renovation has already begun. It is expected that in schools and most kindergartens it will be completed by 25 August. In other educational centres the works will be completed by the end of this year. Large-scale reconstruction will take place in 73 pre-school and 29 secondary schools. One of them is School No. 8, named after Hero of the Soviet Union Gennadi Ignatov, located at the crossroads of Krasnoarmeiskaya and Sovetskaya Streets. It was built 111 years ago. The building has been assigned the status of a cultural heritage site. The reconstruction will affect the basement and the ground floor. 

Besides, cost estimate documentation for repair of fire alarm systems will be developed in 64 schools, and such repairs will be carried out in 5 kindergartens.

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