Krasnodar, 30 May – Yug Times. Almost a hundred tonnes of cherries have been harvested by Kuban agrarians, Governor Veniamin Kondratiev wrote in his social networks. 

The most horticulturally active municipalities are Yeisk and Slaviansk districts. The farms' forecasts for this year's harvest are two thousand tonnes. 

"For our part, we support our gardeners - we return them part of the costs paid to lay new orchards, and subsidise the tending until the first harvest. At the same time, the farms are fully supplied with local planting material. All these allow us to remain in the lead - the region provides 40 per cent of the country's total fruit and berry harvest," wrote Veniamin Kondratiev. 

Cherries are sold in retail chains, in the markets of cities and villages and at weekend fairs. Five such fairs will work in Krasnodar in summer. In addition to sweet cherries, the assortment includes sour cherries, strawberries, vegetables and greenstuff. 

The Krasnodar region is one of the country's largest producers of small-fruit crops. Cultivation is carried out mainly by household farms. They account for about 97% of their total gross yield.

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