Krasnodar, 19 April – Yug Times. Sochi has started preparing its beaches for the beach season. 

At the initial stage, beach operators level the shoreline after the winter storms, repair and paint the waterworks, connect the necessary communications, and conclude contracts for waste removal. 

The preparatory process also includes seabed survey conducted by divers. Checking the shoreline is necessary to exclude the possibility of finding dangerous items on the bottom. The divers explore the bathing area along the shore. All discovered items are collected and disposed of to ensure the safe stay of resort residents and guests at beaches. In case of storm activity, an additional survey of the surf zone is conducted. 

"The users of beach areas are constantly improving the quality of services provided in accordance with high industry standards. More than 170 beach areas will open for Sochi residents and guests this season," said Sviatoslav Yershov, Director of the Department of Resorts, Tourism and Consumer Sphere of Sochi Administration.

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