Krasnodar, 27 March – Yug Times. The funding of national projects in the Krasnodar region for 2024 has increased to 67.2 billion roubles. 

This was announced at a meeting on the implementation of national projects. The event was chaired by Governor Veniamin Kondratiev, and attended by Legislative Assembly Chairperson Yuri Burlachko, First Deputy Regional Prosecutor Pavel Gvozdev, Chief Federal Inspector for the Krasnodar region Yevgeni Guliev, Head of the Regional Project Office Svetlana Gerikh, vice-governors and regional ministers. 

Recently the term of the national projects was extended until 2030, and the launch of new projects – "Family," "Long and Active Life," "Youth of Russia," "Personnel," and "Data Economy" – was announced. “The funding of the regional projects was increased by 5.6 billion roubles to 67.2 billion roubles. Additional funds will be spent on the construction and upfit of schools, improvement of green zones, and equipment for outpatients’ hospitals. To date, 13.6 per cent of the funding has been utilised, which is by 5.5% more than in the same period of 2023. We have to work, taking into account that people are looking forward to all social facilities under construction. 

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