Krasnodar, 21 March – Yug Times. The share of flats in finished condition offered in new buildings has reportedly decreased in Krasnodar over the past nine months. 

Now, 56% of the newly built flats are offered in finished condition in Krasnodar, and 44% in ‘shell and core’ condition, states the research released by Avito Real Estate.

 “The developers refuse from doing the internal finishes and services, or do just white box finishing reducing the final cost of the property and accelerating the commissioning of the blocks of flats. Last year, finishing materials became more expensive, and their costs began to affect the final cost of the projects more noticeably. In order to keep property purchase affordable for a wide range of consumers, the developers offer different finishing options (or their lack), apt for any budget. It is also important that the construction industry has been experiencing shortage of staff for several years – the refusal to finish the interior makes it not so noticeable,” comments Dmitri Alekseyev, Head of Avito Real Estate’s Primary Realty sector.

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