Krasnodar, 14 March – Yug Times. The preparatory work for the construction of the Adler bypass has reportedly begun in Sochi. 

The road builders started the construction of the tunnel retaining wall in Vysokoe village, at the site of the future junction with the A-149 Krasnopolianskoe Highway. Two tunnels of a total length of about 12 kilometres will be built along the Adler bypass. The facility will be part of the new M-4 "Don" – Sochi motorway. 

At the moment, three drilling installations work near Vysokoe, and two others at the site of the future junction with the A-147 highway near Kudepsta, where it will be connected with the tunnel. They are involved in the organisation of the site for the tunnelling machine and the retaining wall of the junction. The current works also include preparation of the site for the tunnel reinforced concrete lining factory, construction camps, rearrangement of the engineering networks in the working zone, and organisation of access roads. The new motorway construction project is being implemented by Avtodor, a stateowned company.

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