Krasnodar, 12 March – Yug Times. Large-scale archaeological excavations are being carried out at Deguak Glade, Adyghea, near Dakhovskaya village. 

The glade is a unique archaeological site, for a series of artefacts dating to different archaeological cultures were found there. The glade was first explored at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries by the expedition headed by the famous historian and archaeologist Yevgeni Felitsyn. 

The archaeologists have discovered over a hundred dolmens and burial mounds on the site. Now Adyghean scholars are able to study the megaliths more thoroughly, as funds from the republican budget were allocated for this purpose. In about a dozen dolmens that were studied to date, they found burials with vessels and jewellery dating back to the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC) and mediaeval mounds of a princely family (13–16th centuries AD) with various items made of precious metals.

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