Krasnodar, 8 February – Yug Times. Twenty billion roubles will reportedly be invested in the reconstruction of Primorskaya Embankment in Sochi. 

The first stage - a 500-metre section of the embankment and the Mayak Beach - involves dismantling of the dike dams, increasing the width of the beach strip to 30 metres and organising breakwaters. It is planned that the construction will take eight months, and the renovated Mayak Beach will open by the summer holiday season of 2025. For the second stage - the reconstruction of the 1300-metre area up to Frunze Park - the survey work is underway. About ten billion roubles will be spent on the area improvement, and the same amount on improving the hydro-protection of the beaches. 

"The downtown beaches were built artificially. Near the Festivalny Concert Hall, there was a steep rocky shore in the past century. Today it is obvious that the protective structures can no longer cope with the task - the sea is eroding the beaches every year, and the area needs upgrading. The experts have proposed optimal solutions that will solve the problems of this area," said Yulia Naberezhnaya, a member of the Sochi City Planning Council.

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