Krasnodar, 12 January – Yug Times. In 2023 in Sochi, rescuers made more than 1600 responsive interventions and rescued more than 640 persons, reported the Department of Civil Defence and Protection. 

"In 2023, the 112 telephone number of the city's Unified Duty Dispatch Service got around 394,000 calls and appeals, all of which were promptly reacted. In addition, more than 146,500 appeals were taken by the City Mayor’s direct line and the operations desks,” said Dmitri Zentsov, Head of the Sochi Department of Civil Defence and Protection.

As part of measures taken to upgrade the material and technical base, two water-jet boats with armoured bottoms were purchased in Sochi last year. The boats are designed to rescue people in shallow water and in mountain rivers in all weather conditions. 

To ensure civil safety, four automatic floodwater level monitoring devices and four autonomous precipitation monitoring devices were installed on rivers in Sochi to forecast possible waterlogging.

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