Krasnodar, 12 January – Yug Times. In 2023, more than fifty cultural institutions in the Krasnodar Region underwent major renovations. 

These included museums, children's music and art schools, and cultural and leisure centres in 28 municipalities. The national project "Culture" was one of the major funding sources of the work. 

“In 2023, almost 1 billion roubles were allocated to support cultural institutions,” Viktoria Lapina, Minister of Culture of the Krasnodar region, said. “The support was granted to almost 150 cultural facilities. Within the framework of the national project, 14 museums were modernised, a virtual concert hall opened in Novorossiysk, three libraries upgraded to the model standard, eight music and art schools overhauled, and expensive light and sound equipment was supplied to three regional theatres.”

 In 2023, for the first time in the past fifty years, a new village community club was built in Sukko near Anapa, with the hall accommodating 200. 

During the year, 13 new digital cinema halls were re-equipped in the region.

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