Krasnodar, 11 January – Yug Times. Adyghea has reportedly joined the list of Russia’s regions distinguished for active housing construction.

It has already exceeded the national average of the residential area built per person. According to the regional Ministry of Construction, the total area of residential properties put into operation in 2023 was 563,900 square metres, or 120.5% compared to the figure of 2022. Of this, 383,400 square metres were built by individual developers; in total 47 high-rise apartment houses were put into service. “Housing construction is going strong [in Adyghea],” noted the Head of the Republic Murat Kumpilov. “Over the past six years, since 2017, more than 2.2 million square metres of housing have been put into operation. We see further prospects for the development of our settlements and housing construction. At the same time, we focus on the integrated development of the territories. Five projects on development of new state-of-theart residential neighbourhoods have been launched in Adyghea. Under them, we plan to put into service 1 million square metres of housing during the next ten years.”

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