Krasnodar, 6 December – Yug Times. The building of the Seaport Passenger Terminal in Sochi will reportedly undergo a large-scale restoration. 

The building, constructed in 1955, is an object of cultural heritage of regional significance and an architectural monument of federal importance. 

In the centre, the building is topped with a tower with a 38-metre spire made of stainless polished steel. The total height of the tower is 71 metres. The spire is crowned with a 3-metre-long five-pointed star of the Order of the Great Patriotic War of the First Class, and sculptures are set at its base. 

“The prolonged exposure to salty sea air, scorching sun, heavy rains and lightning strikes has affected the condition of the sculptures and structures of the city's architectural landmark. During the Year of Architecture, a restoration project has been prepared for the Seaport Terminal. It provides for the renovation of the stucco decoration of the tower, sculptural figures, and stained glass of the spire, including restoration of the lost and damaged fragments, and other anti-damage works," said Yulia Larioshina, Acting Director of the Department of Architecture of Sochi Administration.

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