Krasnodar, 2 November – Yug Times.  The Krasnodar Legislative Assembly has reportedly discussed the implementation of the region's socio-economic development strategy until 2030. 

First Deputy Governor Igor Galas took part in the extended planning session, headed by Chairperson Yuri Burlachko. 

“The strategy gives us an opportunity to largely assess the development of the economy on the basis of a number of indicators that allow us to see the uneven development of different areas, to find weak spots and to shift our focus on them,” said Yuri Burlachko. 

Igor Galas noted that the implementation of the Strategy almost coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, followed by a change in the geopolitical situation and introduction of international financial and economic sanctions. 

“Five years have passed since the Strategy was adopted. Next year we will be adjusting the Strategy’s indicators. 

First of all, we will increase the planning horizon. It is already necessary to count the indicators and define the tasks for socio-economic development of the region beyond 2030 in order to ensure further growth of incomes and quality of life of the population,” said Igor Galas.

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