Krasnodar, 1 November – Yug Times.  A 33-metre ‘pedestrian’ fountain has reportedly been built in Anapa. 

The testing of the fountain was completed last week in the Epiphany Park. In full, it will start working next spring; until then it will be put on standby. 

According to the press service of Anapa City Hall, this is the first ‘pedestrian’ fountain in Russia, which was opened in front of an Orthodox church. 

The water picture is created by more than 50 jets. The centre of the fountain is decorated with 3D-jets, whose work resembles flapping of wings, hence their name – ‘angel’s wings’. The inclined jets simulate the rounded shapes of the temple and domes. The length of the fountain is 33 metres; its width is nine metres; the maximum height of the jets is seven metres. The builders created a special photo mode, when the fountain stops for a few minutes, so that everyone could take beautiful photos against its background. The illumination consists of 104 underwater spotlights. 

“The new technologies help achieve the cleanest possible luminescence. Twelve all-weather acoustic systems installed around the perimeter collate with the sound system of the park.

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