Krasnodar, 27 October – Yug Times. The number of residents of Adyghea who have communicated with the authorities through social networks has increased by 62%, compared to last year. 

Now almost half a million persons subscribe to regional public networks. For example, in health care, local residents write proposals to improve the quality of medical care to the official networks of the Ministry of Health, hospitals and polyclinics. Besides, the complaints and appeals sent by local residents are considered personally by the Minister of Health and the head doctors of the hospital where this particular message is addressed. “The communication between the authorities and the local people in social networks has proven its effectiveness and relevance. The social networks provide information about the construction of hospitals, rural medical posts and polyclinics, implementation of national projects, purchase of medical equipment, and the work schedule of specialised doctors. It shows that the authorities are ready to the dialogue with population and increases the level of trust of Adygheans in our work," said Minister of Health Rustem Meretukov.

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