Krasnodar, 25 October – Yug Times. The Civic Chamber of the fifth convocation has reportedly been formed in the Krasnodar region. 

The Civic Chamber of the Krasnodar region has reviewed the results of the last stage of selection of candidates for its fifth convocation. According to the results of the competition, fifteen winners were selected. The term of office of the fourth convocation of the Civic Chamber of the Krasnodar region expired on 19 October. It worked since 2020. According to the law, the composition of the following convocation should be determined before the previous convocation expires. Its formation started on 4 July 2023. The composition of the regional Civic Chamber was formed in three stages: fifteen members were chosen among the candidates nominated by all-Russian and interregional public associations registered in the Krasnodar region. Then this list was approved by the governor. Another 15 were selected among the candidates nominated by noncommercial organisations registered in the region. They were approved by the regional Legislative Assembly. The final fifteen members were chosen from among the candidates nominated by local public associations. That list was determined by competition. Altogether, the local public associations had nominated 23 candidates.

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