Krasnodar, 13 October – Yug Times. Our today’s interviewee is Vice Governor Anna Minkova. 

Q.: How strong is the regional teaching faculty? 

A.: The Krasnodar Region has the third largest teaching staff in the Russian Federation. We have a numerous body of qualified specialists working in schools, secondary vocational and higher educational establishments, including 37,000 secondary school teachers. They are professionals who make sure that education in the Kuban region shows good and even outstanding results.On the whole, the Krasnodar region's education system is quite healthy. We can see this by the results shown by our graduates, and by the results of the Unified State Examination. And, of course, by their participation in academic competitions. Our region ranks high here. 

Q.: Human Resources are really the cornerstone of any professional field... 

- Yes, they are. Education and healthcare are no exception. What is more, both you and I understand how the Krasnodar region is developing: it has grown significantly in terms of population due to migration and the demographic upswing we experienced until 2016. It means that the workload has increased significantly for teachers, medical and social workers. The average teacher’s workload in Krasnodar today is 1.7, which means that someone work two full times, and someone one. The work is very difficult. Don't forget that what we call ‘bureaucratic things’ – filling out various kinds of journals, reports and plans – has not yet been completely eliminated. These all exert a certain impact on the teachers, on their desire to remain in profession and to learn something new. The federal authorities are now reducing this workload, and the [Krasnodar] region, accordingly, is also reducing it. We have repeatedly appealed to the federal ministry on this issue. It is good that they heard us, so the workload is being gradually reduced. Digitalisation is another resource that will help reduce the workload. 

Q.: What is the contemporary school all about? 

A.: Let me give you an example. In Sochi, we are building a public school in Ministerial Lakes Neighbourhood. It is an amazing new project with an amphitheatre at the entrance, huge broad corridors, and wonderful recreational areas for children. Even the roof will be used: it has areas for recreation and sports. A school in this format is perceived in a completely different way and even gives an impression of a higher educational institution. It is filled with meanings – immediately when a child enters, from the entrance he or she perceives everything in a different way: the amphitheatre allows sitting and communicating during breaks. The school gives a completely different feeling of learning in general: kids want to go there. The problem is that not all our schools are like that one. But we must make all educational institutions transform and get filled with meaning. This process is difficult, long and costly, but we have embarked on the course. Last year, we had 800 schools were renovated to a greater or lesser extent. I have always said and will continue to say that the meaning is not in the walls, but in what a school is ready to give to its students. The level of education is the main point. It is important not to put everyone under one umbrella, not to focus solely on preparing for the United State Examination, but to reveal talents.

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