Krasnodar, 28 September – Yug Times. In the next six months, Sochi will receive more than fifty new buses, announced Mayor Aleksei Kopaigorodsky at a field meeting held last week. 

One of the main items of the agenda was the renewal of the rolling stock. The mayor visited the municipal operator of public transport and inspected the fleet. 

Every day, over 800 public buses run in the city. 

The fleet is being systematically renewed from budgets of all levels. 

Since 1 January 2023, 26 new buses delivered under the national project “Safe Quality Roads” have been running in Sochi. 

They meet the requirements of a barrier-free environment, are equipped with validators for conductorless fare system, and interior climate control. 

"Sochi will receive another 51 new large-class buses by March 2024, of which 25 will come in December," said Aleksei Kopaigorodsky.

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