Krasnodar, 12 September – Yug Times.This summer, the Krasnodar region received 9.7 million holidaymakers coming from all over the country. According to the regional administration's press service, hotels on the Black Sea coast are now 92 per cent, and on the Azov coast – 91 per cent full. 

During the recent summer holiday season, the number of tourists coming to the Krasnodar region was by 5% more than last year. Overall, the tourist flow since the beginning of the year amounted to 13.4 million. In the Krasnodar region, recreation is in high demand in different price segments. The demand for 4- and 5-star hotels is much higher than their supply. There are 285 such hotels in the region. The total number of accommodation facilities in the region equals to 10,700; they offer 625,000 beds to their guests. 

The number of tour agencies helping tourists to organise a rich stay is 578. In addition to traditional beach holidays, the tourists are increasingly choosing the mountains and active recreation. There are 211 tourist routes in the Krasnodar region, including the new ones. This year, 17 routes were officially registered, and 12 were cleared and marked. Four million tourists have visited the Krasnodar region with one-day tours.

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