Krasnodar, 8 September – Yug Times. Four bridges have recently been repaired in the Krasnodar Region. The restoration work is being performed as part of the national project, Safe Quality Roads. 

“In Novorossiysk Municipality, the bridge over a stream on the Yurovka – Raevskaya – Novorossiysk Motorway was overhauled. New girders of four spans were installed, asphalt concrete pavement on the carriageway and pavements was laid, and fencing and lighting were erected. 

The length of the four-span bridge is 42 metres. In total, thanks to the Safe Quality Roads project seven bridge crossings will be renewed in the Krasnodar region, and on four bridges the works have already been completed,” commented Vice Governor Andrei Proshunin. 

In Anastasievskaya, Slavyansk district, the 33 metre-long bridge over a canal was repaired. In Labinsky district, a bridge over the Nevolka Canal at the approach to Prokhladny village was reconstructed. The bridge was completely rebuilt, with new supports and beams installed. 

One more renovated facility is a 90-metre-long overpass over the railway in Dinskoi district.

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