Krasnodar, 2 August – Yug Times. The Life Quality Improvement Council has reportedly started its work in Krasnodar. 

Established on 19 July, the Council includes representatives of various public and educational organisations, socially oriented NGOs, etc. Last week, a kick-off meeting of the new body was held in the city. Its participants discussed organisational issues and determined further steps for the implementation of the Regional Social Standard. 

The regional Minister of Economy Aleksei Yurtaev said that meetings of the Life Quality Improvement Council will be held on a monthly basis. The Council will have subject-oriented advisory and expert groups. 

“The main tasks of the Council are to analyse the results of the Quality of Life Rating and assist in the implementation of the Regional Social Standard in the Kuban region. Today, we see that the region needs to work to improve its position in a number of indicators of the rating compiled by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. In the near future, the region will undergo a ‘self-audit’ procedure to identify the problematic issues. Based on the results of the analysis, we will develop a plan to implement the standard,” Aleksei Yurtaev added.

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