Krasnodar, 1 August – Yug Times. For the first time, Sochi has topped the federal digitalisation index rating of large cities. 

The index was calculated for over 200 settlements participating in the Smart City project held by the Russian Ministry of Construction. Sochi has cashless payment for public transport; it uses an intelligent traffic light control system, has the ‘investment map’ available for the business sector in the open Internet; it also implements various projects in the field of medicine and education, and uses feedback with local residents on online platforms. 

“The sense of the Smart City project is its human-centricity. When addressing various authorities on issues in the sphere of housing and communal services, residents should not face administrative barriers,” commented Nonna Lavrienko, Head of the Department of IT Support and Communications of Sochi City Administration. 

The leadership in digitalisation was one of the reasons for Sochi Mayor Aleksei Kopaigorodsky’s high position in the National Rating. He was ranked third, just after Moscow and Kazan Mayors, Sergei Sobyanin and Ilsur Metshin. Krasnodar Mayor Yevgeni Naumov took only the 12th place.

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