Krasnodar, 14 July – Yug Times. Krasnodar is winding down its programme of transporting children to schools by special buses. 

School transport will operate only in the suburbs. The mayor’s office believes that the need for a shuttle bus service is gradually disappearing. The changes will mostly affect the Western Bypass area. 

According to the press service of the mayor’s office, on September 1, five new schools in different neighbourhoods of the city and in suburban settlements will open in the city, in addition to four new schools that were opened last year. 

“In the new school year, certain changes are to be introduced in Krasnodar in the organisation of school transport. First, we need to bring our system into compliance with federal regulations – school buses should only be provided in the suburbs. Secondly, large-scale social construction is underway in our city. Every year, four to five new schools are built, which means that the need for school buses disappears. Children go to schools that are close to their homes,” said Andrei Belugin, Director of the Department for Transport and Road Facilities.

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