Krasnodar, 28 June – Yug Times. Reconstruction of the Dakhovskaya – Lago-Naki Plateau road section has reportedly begun in Adyghea. The total length of the section under construction is 965 metres. The project is to be completed and put into operation by the end of the year. The reconstruction is being carried out as part of the “Tourism and Hospitality Industry” national project. 

“The implementation of a largescale project on recreational use of the Lago-Naki Plateau will allow to greatly increase the tourist flow from all over the country. First of all, this promising resort should be provided with all necessary infrastructure, including get the tourist facilities connected to the new gas and electricity networks, and to provide for all conditions required to ensure quality and uninterrupted water supply and wastewater disposal. This year, we are planning to complete the reconstruction of a section of the Dakhovskaya –Lago-Naki Plateau motor road designed to provide access to the ski resort,” said Yuri Gordeyev, federal Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure.

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