Krasnodar, 22 June – Yug Times. Experimental sprouts are reportedly used to decorate flowerbeds in Sochi. The shift to spring-summer flower arrangements started at the end of April and will be completed by June 30. Most of the annuals have already been planted. Presently, the flowerbeds are being supplemented with heat-loving species. The floral attire will please the eyes of residents and visitors of the city until October. The specialists use almost 40 varieties of summer sprouts for over 250 planting sites scattered around all city districts. 

“We always choose decoration bearing in mind the location. All sprouts are selected so that the flowerbeds should delight residents and visitors until the autumn. We also plant experimental plants, such as the Hypoesthesus, an ornamental groundcover. If the experiment succeeds, in the future we will lay carpet groundcover flower gardens, which remain decorative for a long while and thrive in the outdoor sun,” said Rostislav Goncharov, Director of the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, Forestry, Agriculture and Industry. In total, about 400,000 flowers, shrubs and groundcovers have been planted as outdoor decoration of the city.

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