14 Марта 2023

Prosecutors Demand to Stop Illegal Felling

Источник фото: admkrai.krasnodar.ru

Krasnodar, 14 March. Over 5,000 cubic metres of wood were felled illegally in the Kuban region in 2022, announced the Interdepartmental commission on fight with illegal woodcutters. Commenting on this fact, Governor Veniamin Kondratiev said that one could not help noticing how such quantity of timber was being removed. “We must stop this uncontrollable chain and paralyse their work,” he said.

Especially hard is the situation in Tuapse Rayon, where in the Pshish Forestry only the felling outturn grew fifty-fold. The problem remains unsolved in other municipalities, while its acuteness differs. In Gelendzhik, 20 facts of illegal felling were recorded last year, which resulted in the initiation of nine criminal cases. Last week, the Azov and Black Sea Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor’s Office ascertained the fact of illegal felling of green plantations within Novorossiysk. The total damage caused by the unauthorised felling exceeded 400,000 roubles. The city police department has initiated a criminal case under the article on illegal logging. 

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