Krasnodar, 23 March. A tragedy happened at a construction site in Gelendzhik last week. 

The Gelendzhik Prosecutor’s Office has reportedly organized an audit of the partially collapsed building of a hotel which caused deaths of two workers. 

The accident took place on 19 March at about 2 p.m. when a construction on the second floor of the projected hotel building at 9, Mayachnaya Street collapsed. According to the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s Office, the construction work was performed by ZhSK LLC against order of the Pine Grove Hotel. 

“As a consequence of the collapse accident, a 36-year-old bulldozer driver who was digging the ditch was injured and brought to hospital, and a 48- and 42-year-old workers engaged in the laying of power cable died at the scene,” the Prosecutor’s Office announced. 

The scene of the tragedy was also studied by experts of the regional Investigative Department. The Prosecutor’s Office informed that the Gelendzhik City Prosecutor will personally control the progress and the result of the audit performed by investigators.

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