Krasnodar, 8 January. The Guild of Trustworthy Realtors has reportedly been founded in Sochi. The organization unites 1,500 persons. 

About 550 brokers and agents registered by the Guild underwent voluntary certification and were put on the list of professional participants of the realty market called “Sochi Realtors.” Their contact data were published on the website of the organization. Before striking an affair, sellers or buyers may check the reliability of their realty agent and his/her affiliation to a realtor company. 

It was Sochi Mayor Aleksei Koopaigorodsky who had suggested that a register of professional players of the city’s realty market be formed. The companies that joined the Guild must guarantee the quality and trustworthiness of their services and be held responsible for all their employees. 

According to various sources, about 8,000 persons in Sochi declared that they entitled to be engaged in realtor’s work. However, only 550 persons got registered with the “Sochi Realtors” register – it means that only these public professionals in fact work within the legal framework.

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