Krasnodar, 26 February. Sanctions were applied to Nikolai Kravchenko, a deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, due to a conviction. 

Nikolai Kravchenko, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Fiscal, Budgetary, Tax and Economic Policy and a member of the United Russia party, was accused of misuse of office (Part 2 of Article 285 of the Russian Criminal Code) in August 2020. The court established that Mr. Kravchenko had employed his own daughter as his personal assistant and kept her on the payroll while she had stayed abroad. The investigators became aware of four such episodes taking place in 2011–2015. In total, the deputy’s daughter had illegitimately received 75,000 roubles. 

The deputy tried to appeal against the verdict, but the appellate court upheld the inferior court’s ruling. 

At a meeting of the United Russia’s parliamentary faction held last week, the convicted deputy was expelled from the party. Besides, he was dismissed from the chairmanship of a parliamentary committee. Ivan Artemenko replaced him as Chairman of the Committee. At the same time, Nikolai Kravchenko’s appointment as a deputy will not be revoked. It was explained by the fact that he had been elected as a self-nominee.

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