Krasnodar, 1 OctoberThe regional inflation rate in August was 3.5%, compared to 3.0% in July, the Chief Directorate of the Russian Central Bank announced. 

The price growth observed in the Kuban region remained lower than the national inflation rate, and equalled to the average level of the Southern Federal District. The main driver for the growth was the lower yield and delayed maturation of certain vegetables due to the unfavourable weather conditions, and the rise of utility tariff, acceleration of the price rise for air tickets on the background of restoration of the stream of holidaymakers heading for the Kuban resorts.

 Food inflation in Krasnodar krai accelerated in August to 4.3% compared with 3.5% in July. As for the non-food inflation, it also went up and reached 2.8%, which corresponded to the average national level. 

The yearly inflation in the services sphere grew to 3.2%, adding 0.5% to the figure shown in July.

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