Krasnodar, 7 April. Our today’s interviewee is Yelena Vorobyova, Minister of Education and Science of Krasnodar krai. 

Q.: What does the mechanism of remote education of Kuban schoolchildren look like? 

A.: Based on the national experience of shifting to distant education, we have chosen twenty models. Now we are consolidating their experience, bearing in mind their advantages and disadvantages, into a single activity mechanism that must be observed when organising the educational process. The basic principles of this mechanism are availability and possibility of feedback. Our main task is not to draw some unified algorithm but to select a type of remote education that would be convenient for every student. If there is no Internet connection, they may use discs and do homework from the textbooks, and get advice through messengers. We are now working on the basic principles, but it is the school that should develop the most detailed pattern. In addition, the new project, Kuban TV School, has been launched on the regional TV. 

Q.: How will the annual grades be issued? 

A.: The grades should be issued according to the norm calculated based on the results of all previous terms. We have the last term left, which is always the shortest one, due to all holidays – mainly, it is time to review the material. This is why, students should not worry about the grades. 

Q.: How will the homework be checked, and controlled that it is not cribbed? 

A.: If a student wants to find some way not to fulfil the homework, he or she will find it under the conventional mechanism as well – that is why, the moment of personal responsibility is very important. This is an issue of self-discipline. Most likely, the schools will decide not to put the grades into the class register. 

Q.: The Unified State Exam has been postponed. How to submit documents to the university? 

A.: Yes, the beginning of the Unified State Exam has been postponed for June 8. The Basic State Exam for ninth-formers will begin on June 9. So, the students will have more time to get prepared. At the moment, we do not plan to pass the exams remotely or to change the very system of state exams. It has been announced that the enrolment campaign at the university will also be postponed for two to four weeks. I would also like to remind that at the end of every school year we traditionally hold the regional teacher-parent meeting, where we explain all important issues. I think that by then we will have received the information about the enrolment campaign.

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