Krasnodar, 25 March. In 2020, containers for separate collection of household waste will reportedly be bought in Krasnodar krai. Special containers marked with a separate colour for each kind of waste have already been placed in five cities and rayons of the region: in Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Temriuk, Slaviansk, Timashevsk, and Korenovsk. 

The green colour is meant for paper waste; yellow – for plastic; blue – for glass; and black – for food waste. All waste containers sites are furnished with detailed waste sorting instructions. 

“Starting from July 1, container sites for separate waste collection will appear in all cities and rayons of the region,” regional Minister of Fuel and Energy Sector, and Housing and Housing and Public Utilities Yevgeni Zimenko said. “Thereby we are forming a waste sorting habits in our people. The first step is to install the containers.

”Altogether, about 4,600 containers will be purchased in the region this year. Separate household waste collection will allow to reduce the volumes of dumped waste and increase the share of recycled resources.

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