Krasnodar, 13 March. In spring, many people address plastic and cosmetic surgeons asking them to ‘enhance the appearance’ before the beach season. What drives their customers is not purely aesthetic interests – there are people who want to eliminate the defects received due to road accidents and other mischances. 

According to the statistics published by the service, plastic surgeries took the lead among the medical services performed in Krasnodar province in 2019 (14,667 lookups). In our region, they outstripped the national leader – dentistry services. 

According to the experts, the demand for these services in Krasnodar province was caused by the availability of highclass specialists, and a good price-to-quality ratio. 

The high-precision medical equipment also played an important role in the interest to cosmetic surgery. However, a good apparatus is more of an additional bonus; what is most important is the surgeon’s ‘golden hands’, Yulia Yefimova of the Centre for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Sochi asserted. She said that looking for the specialist, patients study other people’s feedbacks and reviews and are ready to go to any place in search of a highly professional surgeon. She adds that patients quite often come from other Russian regions and abroad: 

“We have patients from Central Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhnevartovsk, Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk, and even the Far East. Speaking of the international clientele, they mainly come from ex Soviet republics. We also have Russian emigrants from Israel, Switzerland, the USA and Canada”

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