Krasnodar, 12 February – Yug Times. Locals of three rayons of Krasnodar province will reportedly be qualified for toll highway discounts. 

Residents of Kushchevsky, Pavlovsky and Krylovsky municipalities found themselves in a situation when after the installation of turnpikes on the M4 Don highway, they have to use only that turnpike to get to their homes. 

After the people sought help from the regional authorities, a special workgroup summoned to resolve this issue gathered in Pavlovsky rayon. 

Igor Chagaev, Director of the regional Department for Internal Policy, was quoted as saying in this respect that it is necessary to find a compromise that will suit both local people and the state company managing the turnpike. 

“The first step has been taken – now lists of inhabitants and a tentative list of their destinations are being formed in these three municipalities,” he said. 

The new discount system is to act if residents of the said three municipalities want to visit their relatives or workplaces in a neighbouring village. 

For the time being, the toll starts from 140 roubles for cars and 210 roubles for trucks.

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