Krasnodar, 19 June – Yug Times. In March 2024, the recommended income for recipients of car loans in the Krasnodar region amounted to 121,200 roubles, which was 5,600 roubles less than in December last year. 

Among all Russian regions, the highest recommended income for borrowers was recorded in Moscow city (167,400 roubles, +5,700 roubles compared to December), Moscow region (141,500 roubles, -3,300 roubles), and St. Petersburg (142,100 roubles, +700 roubles). 

Nationwide, the recommended income decreased by 3.6% over the first three months of this year. "The decrease in the average size of car loans had a serious impact on the size of the recommended income of the borrowers, the reason for which was the overstocking of warehouses after the New Year holidays and the sellers' desire to extend the period of discounts. However, the policy of the crediting banks, which often increased the term of the loan, thus reducing the monthly payments for the client, also played a significant role here," said Aleksei Volkov, National Bureau of Credit Histories’ Marketing Director.

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