Krasnodar, 7 June – Yug Times. The Krasnodar Region has ranked fourth nationwide in terms of the largest average loan size granted by microfinance organisations (MFIs). 

The average MFI loan in the Krasnodar region in April 2024 amounted to 13350 roubles, which was by 13% more compared to the indicator in April 2023, the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH) reported. The biggest average loan size was registered in Moscow (15,370 roubles, +8,4%), St. Petersburg (14,000 roubles, +8,7%), and Moscow region (13,850 roubles, +9,2%). Experts noted that the structure of demand for microfinance products is shifting towards larger loans. 

"The demand for MFI loans of more than 30,000 roubles from borrowers has been growing since the second half of last year. Among other things, this is influenced by the request of clients of microfinance organisations for larger and longer loans. This is also due to the adjustment of microfinance organisations‘ credit policies against the backdrop of measures to ‘cool down’ the unsecured lending market, in particular, the introduction of macroprudential limits on the debt burden of borrowers,” explained Aleksei Volkov, NBCH Marketing Director.

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