Krasnodar, 29 May – Yug Times. Sochi ranked second in Russia in terms of the cost of flats up to 28 square metres. The price of one square metre of a small-sized flat in Sochi has increased by 8.3% over the last 12 months - up to 358,100 roubles.

This was reported by analysts of the ‘World of Apartments’ federal portal. Krasnodar ranked eleventh with an indicator of 183,500 roubles per square metre (+7,3% over the year). The most expensive flats up to 28 square metres are in Moscow, at 359,200 roubles per square metre (+5.3%).“In different cities, the share of flats up to 28 square metres ranges from 10 to 20%, and they are invariably popular because of their relatively low overall price. In Moscow, it has been decided to limit the lower bar for the size of housing, due to which the entry threshold to the capital's property market will increase,” says Pavel Lutsenko, CEO of the 'World of Apartments' federal portal.

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