Krasnodar, 17 May – Yug Times. Novorossiysk has started construction of a school under a public-private partnership. 

The public-private partnership mechanism is implemented through the conclusion of a concession agreement. The school designed for 1,100 students is being built in Tsemdolina village. So far, the excavation pit has been prepared, the piles for the retaining walls have been installed, and the builders are proceeding to monolithic works. 

"The building will be divided into two blocks with separate entrances. The primary school, in addition to general education classrooms, will have specialised spaces where the pupils will be able to study a foreign language, music, computer science and robotics, attend lessons of labour and creativity. There will also be universal playrooms for day-care groups and a room for extracurricular activities,’ said Igor Fedosov, Head of the Krasnodar Region Construction Department. 

For the middle and high classes, there will be classrooms for basic subjects, including labs, and special classrooms for self-development and creativity. The schoolchildren will have a lab for 3D modelling and robotics.

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