Krasnodar, 15 May – Yug Times. Projects for nine social facilities have been approved in the Krasnodar region. 

What are at issue are new schools, kindergartens and health care facilities. The social facilities have received a positive conclusion from the state expert examination agency, which is an important step before construction. 

A new kindergarten for 260 children will be built in Krasnodar. Similar kindergartens will be built in Severskaya (350 places), Sirius Federal Territory (350 places) and Sukko, Anapa (200 places). 

A secondary school for 1,550 students will appear in the Karasunsky District of Krasnodar. Another three schools will be built under concession agreements. A 1,100-seat school will be built in Tsemdolina, Novorossiysk. Armavir will get two new schools at once: for 1,100 pupils at Kondratenko Street and for 1,550 pupils at Zapoliarnaya Street. In addition, the state expert examination agency approved the project for a polyclinic in the Severny neighbourhood of Armavir.

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