Krasnodar, 24 April – Yug Times. Kindergarten teachers will be able to receive 1 million roubles for a down payment on a mortgage. 

The additional measures of support for preschool teachers were discussed at the regional meeting devoted to staffing of Krasnodar institutions. "Over the past five years, i37 new kindergartens for almost 9,000 places have been built in Krasnodar. Now 24 kindergartens are being built in the city. But the problem is that kindergartens do not work at full capacity because of the shortage of educators," said Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev.

 "The parents cannot bring their children there. Today our main task is to provide new institutions with personnel. Regional subsidies for mortgages can become one of the effective measures. The region has developed a system of support for public sector workers. Kuban teachers, doctors and social workers are entitled to 1 million roubles for a down payment on a mortgage. I believe that this support measure should also be available for kindergarten teachers."

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