Krasnodar, 28 March – Yug Times. In Sochi and Krasnodar, rental prices for small-sized flats (up to 32 square metres) have risen over the year. 

The Olympic capital took the fifth place in the country in terms of the monthly rental rate - 29.98 thousand rubles. Since March 2023, it has increased by 16.7%. Krasnodar ranked 24th with a monthly rental rate of 24,000 roubles - it increased by 47.8% over the year. On the national average, the cost of renting a "one-bedroom" or studio flat increased by 53.8% over the year. "With the reduced availability of mortgages in the secondary market, it has become more difficult to sell a flat, and many owners have abandoned this idea in favour of renting out their property. Because of this, the supply of small flats for rent has risen by 57 per cent nationally since March last year," said Pavel Lutsenko, CEO of the World of Apartments federal portal.

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