Krasnodar, 26 March – Yug Times. Since 2015, the rights of more than 66,000 shareholders have been restored in Krasnodar Krai. 

For this purpose, the problem of 583 long-delayed construction projects was resolved in the region. Last week, a regional meeting was organised to discuss protection of the rights of harmed stakeholders of apartment building construction projects. 

Regional Prosecutor Sergei Tabelsky promised that the theme of long-buildings in the Krasnodar region should be fully completed this year. 

Vice Governor Sergei Vlasov reported on the situation with such properties in Krasnodar. Their construction is being covered by the Regional Fund, whose general contractor is the Regional Construction Company. 

"In April we plan to commission two facilities, 'Sailing Regatta' and 'In Magistralnaya.'. Now commissioning works are carried out there, and remarks are eliminated. Two more facilities to complete before 1 May are 'Zhemchuzhina' and 'Raduga,' which are undergoing final finishing and landscaping works. The remaining three facilities - 'Luch,' 'Zarya' and 'Anit-City' - are planned to be completed by 1 October. On the house in Gelendzhik, we are working on the possibility of applying the Federal Fund's mechanism," said Sergei Vlasov.

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