Krasnodar, 21 March – Yug Times. The Psezuapse river embankment has reportedly been opened in Sochi after reconstruction. 

This is the first stage of the public zone renewal work. According to the reconstruction plan, a walking zone, recreation area, bicycle paths and a workout area have been arranged and the dam has been reinforced along the Psezuapse River in the Lazarevsky district. 

Eco-friendly park furniture and litter bins were installed along the pathway, and lighting poles were replaced with new installations. Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds were also renewed. In the framework of the landscape gardening activity, twenty trees and shrubs were planted, a new lawn sown, and flagpoles installed. 

“The Psezuapse embankment is a very popular place for residents of our neighbourhood. People come to walk here in families, so it is important to do the landscaping taking into account wishes of residents of all ages. For the summer season, we afre improving embankments, beaches, and recreation areas,” said Maksim Yerrmolaev, Lazarevsky District Mayor.

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