Krasnodar, 1 March – Yug Times. - Dmitry Grigorievich, what indicators did the Krasnodar Territory Department of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia complete its work in 2023? 

- The total number of enforcement proceedings pending in 2023 was 4.9 million units. The number of completed enforcement proceedings was 2.3 million units. The total amount recovered by Krasnodar Region bailiffs in 2023 reached 29 billion roubles. 

- Compared to the results of 2022, the total amount recovered from debtors has increased. What contributed to these dynamics, what tools does the agency have at its disposal, and have their formats changed? 

- The main tool is, of course, work with debtors' accounts. We have access to debtors' funds in virtually any bank that serves the population in the Krasnodar Region. Accordingly, when enforcement proceedings are initiated, we promptly receive information on the availability of settlement accounts and available funds, which are subsequently written off to cover the amount of the debt. 

In terms of enforcement measures, we continue to work in the classic format of going to the debtor's address and seizing property. Everything else works in electronic format. Obtaining information on the availability of real estate is carried out in co-operation with Rosreestr, on vehicles - through the database of the State Automobile Inspection Service. The ability to work in electronic format speeds up the process of making a decision on seizure and forcing a citizen to pay the debt.

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