Krasnodar, 15 February – Yug Times. In Krasnodar, parents will be able to see their child's movements on camera. This practice was tried out at the school bus terminus at the intersection of Abrikosovaya and Geofizikov Streets near the Rechnik non-profit gardeners' partnership on Yelizavetinskaya Street last October. Now it will be extended to other sites, first of all - to suburban bus termini. The parents can watch online the departure and return of their children from school.

"The project is in high demand, every day we record about four hundred references to the service, which allows us to assert that public safety is improved through the involvement of citizens. We mean multiple viewings of streaming videos from the cameras involved in the project,” said Valeri Lysenko, Head of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies and Communications. To date, the pilot project covers five stops of school buses: at Rechnik, Gradostroitel, Stekolshchik, Ekspress, and Fruktovy gardeners’ partnerships. In addition, the public gardens in Lenina village, of Suslov ZhKKh Workers and Izumrudny, and Nikolaevsky Boulevard were equipped with CCTV cameras.

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